This CRAFTSMAN® 8-PC. PLIERS SET contains 6-3/4” Slip Joint , 7″ Linesman , 8” Long Reach, 8″ Long Nose Pliers , 7″ Diagonal , 4″ Diagonal, 4 1/2″ Long Nose  and 4″ End Nippers  – these versatile and powerful Pliers can be used for many general application projects around the shop or garage. The Slip Joint Pliers provide users with 2 times more gripping force on small, medium and large objects. Long Nose Pliers utilize a high leverage joint providing users with 14 times more cutting force requiring 17% less effort. Diagonal Pliers have induction hardened cutting edges which provide 16 times greater cutting force to ensure strength and durability for the toughest of jobs. Linesman Pliers are ideal for taking on the toughest jobs with a high leverage joint design that provides 18X more cut force to bend, twist and slice through heavy gauge wire and cable. Long Reach Pliers are ideal for cutting, bending, re-positioning and snipping wire and the Mini Pliers deliver precision and grip.

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